Product Highlights
  • Installs 4 times faster than other guarding systems.
  • Non-Progressive panels.
  • Fast release carriage bolts for easy access.
  • Simple, on site modifications.
  • High visibility system.
  • Installs from outside the cell for safe access.
Provide a Safe Environment

Safeguards are essential for protecting workers from preventable injuries. Moving mechanical motion and machine parts have the potential to cause serious workplace injuries. Burns, crushed hands and fingers, amputations, and eye injuries must be prevented. With Husky's Guarding, you receive compliant OSHA and Robotics Industry standard safety product.

Husky's machine guarding enclosures provide exactly the right level of protection necessary to be attractive, versatile, and affordable.

Our revolutionary, patented hook design makes guarding so easy. Hook fasteners on partitioning easily slips in and locks securely into 2" x 2" square posts. The 2" x 2" grid wire mesh is manufactured from 8-gauge welded wire that adds strength and rigidity. Guarding has a sweep space of 6”. The complete guarding system makes it easy to rearrange or expand enclosures without skilled personnel in plant or warehouse areas. With a variety of sizes, styles and options available, Husky's Guarding is the best value in the industry.


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Assembly Diagram

Husky's Guarding exceeds OSHA requirements for safety and function.

Guarding is available for Quick Ship in either 6ft. or 8ft. panel heights.  Custom heights are available.  Contact Husky Rack & Wire for engineering assistance.
Stock panels (painted Black) are manufactured to accommodate 6ft. and 8ft high.  The panels for 8 ft. high are installed stacking one panel over another using special welded connectors on each panel.  Each panel has ‘connectors’ to the vertical framing members which engage slots punched in the line of posts.
Wire mesh is made of 2”x2”x8-gauge welded wire mesh.
Matrix Guard®
There is a standard sweep space between the bottom of panel and floor level of 6”.
Necessary hardware including masonry lag bolts required for installation are included.
2-1/2” square heavy duty tubular posts (painted yellow) are universally punched with slots and holes for mounting all types of panels, doors and hardware.
6” sweep space.
The length of the post will equal the overall height of the assembled partitions.  Slots are punched in the corner posts to provide boltless panel installation.  Other holes are provided for use with doors which are attached using self-threading screws.  Posts have pads welded to one end for attachment to the floor.
Doors are constructed of 2”x2”x8-gauge wire to match the wire mesh panels.  Contact Husky Rack & Wire for other lock options.
Husky Rack & Wire has developed a standard system for extra high systems using easy-to-handle standard 10 foot sections of posts, spliced in the field using only a wrench.
Two, 1-1/4” square heavy duty tubular posts hinged (painted yellow).

One Year Limited Warranty
Husky Rack & Wire partitions, doors, windows, and associated hardware are warranted to the original purchaser against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from purchase date.  During the warranty period Husky Rack & Wire will, at its option, repair or replace any defective part provided all terms and conditions set forth herein are adhered to.  Husky Rack & Wire will also pay freight charges to and from the Husky Rack & Wire factory.  The warranty is void if the product had been damaged because of improper installation, neglect, accident, misuse, improper storage, or modification by anyone other than authorized Husky Rack & Wire management.  Husky Rack & Wire shall not be liable for consequential or incidental damages.  Husky Rack & Wire makes no other warranties expressed or implied.  Product capacities and pricing subject to change without notice. Refer to website for up to date data.

Product Videos

Panel Attachment
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Door Options
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Full Line Assembly
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